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Face Masks

WGV International is offering Face Masks to our industry to help protect our workers in our industry. Out of request from many floral wholesalers and florists asking us to supply them face masks for their workers. We've decided to carry the face masks on our website for you. We have limited supplies, but we will do our best to keep them stocked for you. Item prices may change depends on cost of production, also cost of shipping via Air or ocean, depending on how these masks comes in. 

Disposable Masks all have middle layer with Melt-blown polypropylene filter. Which is the essential part of the mask that provides filter.  

How to see if you got the right material masks. There's a fire and water test to make sure you got the melt-blown polypropylene material mask. When you take out the middle layer from the mask, that layer is the melt-blown Polypropylene layer(The outer 2 layers are not). When you light it with a lighter, it should melt away instead of catching on fire. If yours catch on fire, then it is not the right material. It should simply melt away from fire (kind of like thin plastic or polymer would react to fire). Then the water test, is to see how much water would leak through that layer. It should be none for PFE99 or almost none for PFE95.

At current point, we do not carry any N95, KN95, FPP3, FPP2 models, as those are reserved for medical professionals. Those models respectively are North America Gold Standard, Asia/China Standard, European Standard. Those are the crown jewel of masks, as they have much more requirement and guidelines to follow. Also these would end up cost well 10x to 20x more than the standard disposable mask. Our disposable masks are for general usage only, they are not for medical uses. These should be more than enough for our delivery drivers, and workers to provide protection in filtering and covering mouth and nose.   

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