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Do It Yourself Geometric Terrarium

Do It Yourself Geometric Terrarium

Feb 3rd 2022

This is a simple yet elegant do-it-yourself project that everyone can do! Succulents in our geometric terrarium is a wonderful modern accent for your home. These are really a great indoor planting option for those who want to add a touch of nature. You can add this to your coffee table or give it as a very unique gift.

These tiny nursery worlds can be vibrant and bold, whimsical, or simply natural and unpretentious. Regardless of how and what you use in your terrarium, one thing is for sure…these beautiful mini-gardens are the perfect way to bring the outdoors into your unique space.

Step 1 - Collect Supplies

Gravel Rocks

- Potting Soil

- Variety Succulents: 2″, 4″

- Moss, Pebbles and Stones for Decoration

Geometric Terrarium

Step 2 - Building Your Terrarium

  • Put a layer of 1" - 2″ of gravel to create a drainage system for your terrarium. This will ensure that your plants live longer.

  • Put a layer of 2" - 4″ of succulent potting soil to create a base for planting.

  • Take your selected succulents out of their containers, loosening the surrounding soil from the pot.
  • Remove any dead/brown leaves before planting.
  • Burrow a small divot in base layer to place in your succulent, compacting with dirt to secure it into place.
  • You may split apart succulents with multiple stems that are not connected by one root.

  • When planting is complete, even out the top layer of soil so it is all the same and all plants are secure.

  • Add in your top dressings such as mood moss, pebbles, stones, sand or crushed glass.
  • Mix different textures and colors to give it your own unique look.

*Note: Place your terrarium in a spot that will get bright indirect light or sunlight. Water using a spray bottle with filtered water once every week/week and a half.

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