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Shipping and Receiving Pallets




Shipping glass vases and ceramics can be difficult. It requires a lot of effort to not only ship, but to ensure that the products arrive to you safely and intact. There are several different ways in which we ship our products. FedEx Ground is normally used for small orders of 6 cases or less, depending on the items ordered. When your order is 7 cases or more, we start to venture into the area of Pallet Shipping. For those of you have never received a pallet order or are unsure exactly what it entails, please see Pallet Shipping section below, it will have greater detail on how pallet shipping is done and how to receive a pallet order. Pallet shipping is normally done for larger shipments, or B2B shipping.  

Shipping costs are set by shipping carriers directly. WGV International charges our customers the same rate our shipping company is charging us. We will quote and choose between a variety of shipping carriers to find the best rate and most reliable services for our customers needs. Our customers can choose to use their own carrier to ship if they would like, however, if any damages occur or there are any issues with the shipment, customers will be responsible for contacting their carrier agent and filing claims themselves. 

Since WGV offers a variety of shipping options, customers may choose the lowest cost shipping option that is appropriate for their order.  If the shipping method chosen is not applicable to your order, a sales associate will contact you directly to make different shipping arrangements.

For shipments made via FedEx - orders interact with multiple package handlers as they travel from terminal to terminal, so the damage rate of shipping by FedEx tends to be higher than shipping by pallet. Even when packaged in the best possible manner to prevent any issues in transit, there could still be damages to the products due to shipping. If any damages are found upon receiving your order, please contact us as soon as possible. By email: , or call us (626)452-8268. Any damages reported after 14 days of receipt of the item will be automatically denied simply for the reason that FedEx only allows us a short period of time to file a damage claim with them - any claims we file against FedEx after this 14 day period of time will be denied automatically. It is our customer's responsibility to report any damages within that 14 day time period. 

IMPORTANT: Shipments by trucking company ideally should be shipped to a commercial address (business building, warehouse, plaza, shop). There are a few places, such as home businesses, churches, schools, country clubs, residential and military installations, that are not considered commercial locations that requires a delivery surcharge. If you provide false shipping information, and the trucking company has to reclassify the delivery location, they will charge us for the amount, which will then have to be billed back to you.

Shipments are typically safer shipping by pallet freight. When we ship, we pack and shrink wrap the order on a wooden pallet and it will arrive to you in the same manner. If there are any damages discovered upon receipt of item, please notate it on the bill of lading before you sign clear for the shipment. If you do sign the bill as it is without notating any issues, it is considered a binding contract from the trucking company that stands in a court of law that you did indeed accept the items in the condition and manner as stated. Please be sure you note any issues on the bill of lading before you accept it, even if you see a slight problem or feel a little uncomfortable on how the driver is handling the shipment because it will help you in proving your claim case against trucking company in the case of damages or issues. If there are any damages, please note it, and call our office or email us immediately. We will assist you in resolving the issues in the best possible manner. 

International Purchases (Canada & Mexico): It is the customer's responsibility for any customs and/or duty related fees or paperwork. Customers must know about their own country's border customs and regulations. Any fees and charges by their customs will be the customer's responsibility. Customers will have to pay for customs clearance, and duty fees if are shipping directly across the border. Any bills for outstanding customs and duty fees that are unpaid for will be charged to your card on file with an additional $25 processing fee. 

Please allow us 1-2 business days to process your order. Rush orders can be processed and shipped the same day for a small fee.  All express orders must be placed before 12pm PST. Shipping time depends on the carrier that we use. Fedex ground generally uses takes 5-6 business days to ship across the country from Southern California, however the time may vary a little if it is not guaranteed shipping. Guaranteed service can be provided by trucking company with for an additional fee. It insures that they will deliver the shipment on the delivery date that they have promised or the shipping costs will be refunded. Once a shipment leaves our warehouse the shipping time and handling procedures are up to the shipping carriers and are out of our control. The best way of finding out what/where/when the shipment is located is to either look up the order using the supplied tracking information, or by calling the trucking company directly with the tracking number you have been provided by us through invoice. 




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