Wholesale Glass Terrarium Vases

Our wholesale glass terrarium vases in a variety of sizes are designed to bring a little piece of the outdoors inside. Get creative with your terrarium, and build it to suit your desired design to go along with any theme. The standard sitting terrarium vases act as wonderful centerpieces within any room of your home. Our unique hanging terrarium vases make the perfect gift for the DIY lover in your life, and our elegant hanging terrariums are made for anyone looking to display their individual creativity for the world to see. From our simpler designed terrariums, such as our Black Box with Lid Geometric Glass Terrarium, to something more dynamic, such as our Undecahedron Tear Drop Geometric Terrarium, our selection is packed full of uniquely designed terrariums for any project and style. Bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside with the help of our wholesale glass terrarium vases.

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